My mom was (and still is) an entrepreneur as I was growing up. So I knew early on that, when I had a family of my own, I’d want to work from home. I wanted to be there to raise my children, but also contribute t the family income. This became almost an obsession, even as a teenager. 

I was constantly curious about any way you could make money from home. The Internet was just becoming popular in most people’s homes around the same time I had my daughters. It worked out perfectly, because there were so many opportunities that the Internet opened up. 

20+ years later, and not only is it easier than ever to make money from home, but it’s also easier than ever to make money without a job. The Gig Economy has made sure of that. Almost everyone (with or without a job) has a side hustle these days. 

Having thought about ways to make money for so long (and tried possibly more than my fair share of them!) I have so many ideas for you, and they just continue to pop into my head all the time! 

So if you’re looking for ways to make money (online or off) you just found the right blog!