How to Name Your Blog

In this post, “How to Start a Blog that Makes Passive Income” how to name your blog is briefly covered. But if you’re still trying to figure out what to name your own blog, I’m hoping these more in-depth tips will help!

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Now, I don’t want to be a downer here, but with so many blogs and websites being created each day, there’s a good chance your first choice for a blog name won’t be available.

Especially if it’s short.

Or maybe even your actual name.

Which is why I suggest brainstorming many ideas, and then choosing your favorite to see if it’s available. If not, you’ll have several more to choose from!

Now, if you’re first choice isn’t available as a dot com you may be tempted to grab your favorite domain as a .net or something other than a .com, but I highly recommend against this. While people are definitely becoming savvier, most people will automatically type in .com after a domain name. Bigger businesses whose .com was taken will often spend hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars on the .com of their choice, and that is because .com is that important.

Having said that, for every rule there is an exception, and if there’s a name you just HAVE to have, but it is only available with an extension other than .com, you can always go for it, and then keep your eye on the dot com to see if it ever becomes available. 😉

One other “don’t” before we get to the do’s: I would also advise staying away from hyphens, like jules-tillman,com for example, mostly because people will often forget to include the hyphen. Plus it can sound funny if you’re on a podcast or other audio (like “You can find me at jules dash tillman dot com.” Listeners might be thinking… “ummm, do I type out dash or is that a hyphen or…??!!“)

So, in your naming brainstorming session, the first question to ask yourself is: what will I be blogging about? It’s a good idea to tie your topic into your title, so people immediately know what to expect from your blog when they read or hear the name. (It’s also good for SEO, a.k.a. search engine optimization.)

For instance, if you are going to blog about training dogs, you could start with something like (“X” being replaced  with your brand or style of training.)

You could also focus on the result you hope people will have after they read your blog. Like Or your target audience, like

The problem with these suggestions is, while they may be catchy and may be easy to remember, they are also long. And one thing to consider when naming your blog is that, if at all possible, you’ll want your social media handles/URLs to match your domain. Some social media sites have a character limit that you will quickly exceed using a long name like this (like Twitter whose limit is 15 characters, and the limit on Pinterest is 30).

But you might also try either abbreviating your domain name, or simply abbreviating your social media handles. And the good news is, there’s a super-easy way to see if your name is available on social media, too. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that!

But in the meantime, another thing to remember is what type of tone your blog will have. Is it going to be serious? Light and breezy? Humorous? Businesslike in every way? Your name should also reflect that tone so that the feel of your overall business stays on brand.

I also like using mind mapping to come up with name ideas. If you’ve never done any mind mapping, it looks something like this:


An animated infographic about mind-mapping how to name your blog.

You can create several mind maps for your different ideas, and see how they might overlap and/or work well together. It also helps to ask a creative or business best-friend to brainstorm with you. I’ve done that several times with my friend and accountability partner, both for myself and for her. It definitely helps to get outside ideas and feedback.

When brainstorming ideas – either by yourself or with someone else – remember that, at least to begin with, there are no bad ideas. Throw stuff out there and see what sticks. Especially if you’re coming up with ideas with someone else, make sure they know they can suggest the silliest/strangest/most left-field ideas, because you never know where a good “aha!” is going to come from!

I also love to use to come up with related words. So if you think of something like but that domain is taken, you can do searches for both sleep (and get results like doze, rest, nap, etc., etc.) as well as a search for better (with results like improved, exceptional, enhanced, etc.) Which could then create countless new ideas as you mix and match your original ideas and the resulting ideas.

There are also some trendy blog name ideas, like combined two words (ie., or, a first name and a word (ie., or, or two animals (ie., or

You could also try adding short phrases at the beginning or end of the name, like:


And, after all this, if you still just can’t come up with any ideas for domain names that you love by yourself? Check out Shopify’s free business name generator.

Once you’ve got a handful of ideas, or more, you can simply use to check to see if your desired name(s) are available – not only as a domain, but on many/most of the social media (etc.) sites, as well. Easy peasy!

I hope this has truly helped you how to name your blog. But if you’re still in need of some fresh ideas, let us know in the comments below. I’m happy to do a little brainstorming with you.