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Below I share some of my favorite tool and resources for bloggers, online business owners, side hustlers, and people looking for work-at-home jobs. 

Tools and Resources for Online Business Owners and bloggers

“The money is in the list!”

How many (highly successful) online entrepreneurs have said those words? 

And I couldn’t agree more: building an email list is something that just about every blogger and online business owner should do. 

If you’re just starting out and you want something easy, affordable, and beautiful, I (use and highly) recommend flodesk

It’s created and designed by women, and you can tell that women entrepreneurs are their target market. But if you’re a man, don’t let the feminine design and photos scare you off: because flodesk makes it easy to customize your email marketing, no matter your gender, or your branding. 


“The money is (still) in the list!”

I know I just recommended flodesk two seconds ago, but if you’re looking for a more robust email service provider, I recommend ConvertKit

Of course, with more bells and whistles comes a longer learning curve, but if you’re slightly more tech-y or just want more power for your email list, I do recommend ConvertKit. 

Sign up through the link below and you’ll unlock 100 subscribers for free!

Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase

Buying a domain is one of the very things new bloggers and online business owners do. Because they’re new, they might just google domain name sellers, click on an ad, or ask a friend. 

But buying your domain name is one of the most important things you will do when setting up your business, but you may not even realize it! 

Which is why I use and recommend NameCheap. Not only do they sell domain names for incredibly low prices (hence the name!) they throw in things for free other companies charge extra for — and that are really, super important. Like WhoisGuard Privacy Protection, which protects your personal/sensitive information, is included “free forever”! Score!

But NameCheap also has amazing customer support, so if you need any help whatsoever, you know you can count on them. 

Web Hosting

Once you have your domain, you’ll need a place to host. NameCheap does provide hosting services, which I’ve tried, but in my experience, I use and recommend SiteGround for most bloggers and online business owners. 

Why? First, their tech support is superb. Probably the best I’ve dealt with in 20 years or so of dealing with hosting companies. Plus SiteGround’s prices are affordable for even those on a shoestring budget. 

Tools and Resources for Side Hustlers

If you’re a side hustler, time is always limited, which is why I recommend automating everything you possibly can. 

My favorite automater? Tailwind. Tailwind allows me to build a queue for Pinterest for weeks or even months or years in advance! I typically share around 20-25 pins every single day, at optimized times of the day for my followers, all because of Tailwind.

And it only takes me about 2 hours per month! 

Tailwind can help you schedule your Instagram account, too. If I was only able to keep ONE online marketing tool, Tailwind would be it. 

Tools and Resources for Remote Workers

Coming Soon!