Ultimate List of 120+ Digital Products You Can Sell Passively Online

The other day a friend of mine (who also runs a creative business online) and I were talking about making passive income online, as well as the importance of having multiple streams of income.

Off the top of my head, I can only think of two ways to make money passively online: courses and ebooks. But there have got to be more, right?!

Oh yes my friend, yes there are!

So I started brainstorming and I came up with this ultimate list of digital products you can sell passively online and I’m adding to it as new ideas arise. And if you’re wondering where and/or who you can sell these digital products, I’ve included more information about that below, too. Hopefully something (or even better, somethings!) in this list will spark within you the desire (and know-how) to start making some passive income for yourself!

Check out this Ultimate List of Digital Products You Can Sell Passively Online! With over 120 different ideas for digital products, as well as ideas for where and how to sell these digital downloads passively online.

Ultimate List of 120+ Digital Products You Can Sell Passively Online

  1. Add-ons (like brushes or presets for apps like Photoshop or Procreate)
  2. Apps (games, productivity, tracking, recipe, meditation, goals, shopping, for kids, etc.)
  3. Art Lessons
  4. Art on Print on Demand Sites like RedBubble, Society6, etc.
  5. Art, Printable or Printed/Fulfilled by Printful
  6. Audio Files
  7. Audiobooks (Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks)
  8. Baby Shower Games, Signs, Gender Reveals, etc., printable
  9. Blueprints and Plans
  10. Books, self-published
  11. Bridal Shower Games, Signs, etc., printable
  12. Cake/Cupcake Toppers, printable
  13. Calendars, editable / printable PDF
  14. Cards, printable (thank you, gift, holiday, invitations, wedding, party, etc.)
  15. Cheat Sheets
  16. Checklists
  17. Chore Charts, printable
  18. Chrome Extensions/Apps
  19. Classroom Lesson Plans (by grade or subject)
  20. Clip Art
  21. Coloring Books/Pages, printable or with CreateSpace
  22. Cookbooks, ebook, Kindle or Blurb
  23. Copywriting Templates
  24. Coupon Books, printable
  25. Craft Patterns and/or Tutorials
  26. Creative Prompts
  27. Crochet Patterns and/or Tutorials
  28. Décor, printable
  29. Die Cuts
  30. DIY Printables, Patterns or Tutorials
  31. eBook Templates
  32. eBooks (if you’re new to ebooks, you might want to use Blurb to create one.)
  33. Editable Blog Planners
  34. Editable Spreadsheets
  35. Editable Templates (brochures, business cards, marketing materials)
  36. Editable Worksheets
  37. Email Courses
  38. Email Funnel Templates
  39. Envelope Liners, printable
  40. Envelopes, printable
  41. Ephemera, printable
  42. Family Tree, printable
  43. Fine Art Photography, printable, in book format with Blurb, or printed via Printful 
  44. Fonts
  45. Food Labels, printable
  46. Funeral Program Templates, printable
  47. Gift Tags, printable
  48. Goal Trackers
  49. Graphics (sold on sites like Creative Market or Etsy)
  50. Grocery List, printable
  51. Guided Visualizations
  52. Guides
  53. Habit Trackers
  54. Homeschool Planners
  55. Illustrated Icons
  56. Illustrations, printable or fulfilled/printed by Printful
  57. Iron-on Transfers, printable
  58. Journal Ideas
  59. Journal Kits
  60. Keyword Planners
  61. Kindle Books
  62. Knitting Patterns
  63. Lessons (music, language, etc.)
  64. Life Planners
  65. Lightroom/Photoshop Presets
  66. Logos
  67. Masks, printable
  68. Meal Planners
  69. Meal Plans
  70. Meditations
  71. Membership Sites
  72. Mockups
  73. Monthly e-Magazines
  74. Moving Kits
  75. Music (albums, ringtones, and royalty free music for classes, YouTube videos, etc.)
  76. Music Lessons
  77. Name Art, printable
  78. Nursery Art, printable or fulfilled by Printful
  79. Office Signs, printable
  80. Online Courses
  81. Organizational Tools
  82. Paid Email Newsletters
  83. Pantry Labels, printable
  84. PDFs
  85. Planners and Accessories (stickers, bookmarks, etc.)
  86. Poetry Books
  87. PowerPoint Templates
  88. Pregnancy Announcement, printable
  89. Printable Art
  90. Printable Gifts
  91. Printable Paper Dolls
  92. Printable Scrapbook Papers and Patterns
  93. Printable Soap Labels
  94. Printable Vintage Art
  95. Quote Art (for homes, kids, schools, teachers, nurseries, newlyweds, graduates, moms, dads, bedrooms, etc.)
  96. Recipe Cards
  97. Recipes
  98. Resume Templates
  99. Retirement Banners, printable
  100. Sewing Patterns
  101. Shopping Lists for Meal Prep/Recipes
  102. Social Media Planners
  103. Social Media Templates
  104. Social Media Tutorials
  105. Software
  106. Software as a Service
  107. Songwriting eCourses
  108. Stationery, printable or fulfilled by Printful
  109. Stock Photography
  110. Teacher Planners
  111. Templates
  112. To Do Lists, printable / editable
  113. Travel Guides
  114. Tutorials
  115. Vector Images
  116. Video Tutorials
  117. Videos (stock video)
  118. Website Templates
  119. Wedding Planner
  120. Wedding Printables (table signs, banners, napkin rings, name tags, place settings, hashtag signs, save the date, seating charts, etc.)
  121. WordPress Plugins
  122. WordPress Themes
  123. Zines
  124. Zodiac Sign Art, printable or fulfilled by Printful

As I mentioned, I’ll be adding to this list of digital products you can sell passively online as I think of more (and feel free to share any idea in the comments below!) You may have noticed, but a lot of these can be created with Adobe products, like Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, etc. You can get these (and more!) right here.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it, any time you need some passive income ideas and inspiration. 

And, as promised, here are some places you can sell digital products passively!